Friday, 10 June 2005

Blog unit is now available

The National Unit on blogging is now finalised. Weblogs [DOC] is an Intermediate 2 unit which covers the basics of finding, creating and tracking blogs. It shows how to locate blogs, what blogs can be used for, how to create and use a blog, and how to track blogs using aggregation tools (such as RSS). It's not entirely hands-on since students are exposed to the history of blogs, shown how to evaluate a blog, and introduced to the theory of aggregation. The unit also places blogs in the wider context of social software.

It's an interesting and straight-forward unit that should appeal to students. The resource requirements are low; students simply require access to the Internet and can use a free blogging service such as Blogger. The unit can be used as part of a National Certificate programme within colleges or free-standing within schools.

Although the unit is finalised, is it not available to centres until 2 August.


  1. Bobby, the weblogs (doc) link is broken - Could you have a look?


  2. Ian - The link works for me (at home and office) so please try again. Are you behind a firewall? Can you download DOCs?

  3. Got it now thanks - some wierd Firefox thing had the link assiciated with a WAP site for some reason.


  4. Great that the SQA are first with a blogging course.

    Come to the conference on 15 Sept in Cambridge UK. Join top Bloggers and tell us all about the course and how we can help

  5. Philip - The conference sounds good. I'll try to come along. We're also working on a unit on social software - which I think will also be the first qualification of its kind. Check the blog for details.

  6. Bobby, Blogs unit looks good. We are thinking about offering at Stow College. Are SQA producing assessment exemplars and/or support materials?
    Ron Dillin

  7. Would the SQA consider using a homegrown, open source solution such as Elgg ?

    Elgg incorporates single as well as multi-user blogging, community building and extensive social networking.

  8. Ron - There will be an assessment exemplar and I would also commission teaching/learning material if there is a demand. Is there?

    Dave - I've taken out an account with Elgg and I'll play around with it. It looks good. But SQA does not endorse specific products.

  9. I've had a few enquiries from people outside of Scotland/UK about the blog unit, asking if it is available online.

    Does anyone intend to develop online learning (and assessment) material for this unit? If so, SQA would try to help (financial and other assistance). Drop me an e-mail.

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  11. Hello all,

    I have just set up a blog site for my HNC/D students (network related courses) to use, mostly as an experiment, however, most students do seem very keen to use it.

    I am using nucleus cms (on freebsd) its a great system, quite easy to use, and it's open source!

    Its just online this week, so its still a bit bare.

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