Friday, 13 May 2005

Happy birthday blog!

The blog is one year old today! It was started on 13 May, 2004. It was actually done as an experiment to see if a blog would be useful to teachers and lecturers with an interest in Computing/IT qualifications. So far the blog has had over 400o hits - that's more than 15 hits per (working) day - so it appears to be quite popular.

The blog was also intended to reduce the clutter in your inbox. Instead of "pushing" information to you via your e-mail program (as mailing lists do), a blog "pulls" information by (hopefully) attracting you to a website where you can find information at a time that suits you.

I'm hoping that during the coming year more people will contribute to the blog - that includes SQA staff (who can post new messages) and readers (who can comment on existing posts). We really would like to hear from you via the comment facility.

We're grateful to you for taking the time to visit the blog. Don't forget to bookmark it and come back regularly!

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