Tuesday, 26 October 2004

Oracle developments

I met with Jane Richardson and Orla Nichorcora of Oracle yesterday afternoon.

We have recently compared SQA and Oracle curricula to try to identify common areas. I commissioned a couple of consultants to map the Oracle Academy programme with Higher Information Systems and HND Computer Networking. We discovered that the Academy programme covers one unit within the Higher course and two units within the HND award. I plan to create a document which will describe the credit transfer arrangements between these qualifications.

We also discussed the next stage in this work. We are going to look into the feasibility of creating a hybrid curriculum that covers both SQA's Higher Information Systems syllabus and Oracle's Database Design & Programming syllabus. If this is possible, this single syllabus would allow schools to deliver Higher Information Systems using the materials supplied through the Oracle Academy programme (supplemented with additional learning material) and gain two awards at the end of the course: the Higher award and Oracle's award.

Watch this blog for more information.

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