Tuesday, 21 December 2004

HN Computing update letter

I sent an update letter to centres today (it will be dispatched to centres on 6 January). The letter includes details about assessment exemplars, an update on the HND review and the final version of the credit transfer table.

Most of the SQA team are about to stop for their Christmas holidays (SQA stops on Thursday but some staff are taking annual leave or TOIL before then). We return on 5 January.

Have a good holiday.

Monday, 13 December 2004


My name is Caroline Douglas and I would like to take this opportunity to both introduce myself and also inform you that I will be taking over the role of Qualifications Officer within SQA for the area of Computing and IT from 5th January 2005.

I look forward to working with you in the New Year.

Wednesday, 8 December 2004

Updated E-Qualifications FAQ

I updated the E-Qualifications FAQ last night. It now includes the latest information relating to this new suite of awards, including a full list of group award and unit numbers.

Thursday, 2 December 2004

HND Computing review

I've updated the HND Computing blog today to include information on credit transfer.

The blog is an experiment. Blogs seem well suited to curriculum development since they provide a chronological sequence of events - but the number of hits on this site has been disappointing so far.

Time will tell if it's worthwhile to spend time on similar blogs in future.

Tuesday, 23 November 2004

Sector Panels

I attended a meeting last week about Sector Panels.

SQA is looking at the possibility of creating Sector Panels to provide advice and support to Qualifications Managers. The Panels would advise QMs about external trends and also identify priorities for development. The QM would then decide if these developments were feasible and, if so, ask the Qualifications Support Teams to assist him to produce the required awards.

New Panels will be created in four subject areas - and Computing is one of them. Members will be drawn from a variety of backgrounds and will include employers, IT companies, representatives of the Sector Skills Council, representatives of national organisations (such as the Scottish Executive and SFEU), college representatives, training providers and individuals with key knowledge and experience.

It's hoped to have the first meeting of the Computing Sector Panel next Spring so I'm busy trying to identify suitable members. Don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to be considered for membership.

Friday, 19 November 2004

Computer games qualifications

Originally uploaded by bobbyelliott.

Joe Wilson and I went with a group of Scottish lecturers to Doncaster today to discuss games software. There were representatives of Cardonald College, Stow College, Fife College, Telford College and Motherwell College.

We visited Doncaster College and Sheffield Hallam University. Doncaster College has recently invested in state-of-the-art hardware and software to permit the college to offer games development courses and Sheffield Hallam offer degree and post-graduate qualification in games development.

It was a fascinating day and it gave us lots of ideas about how to incorporate computer gaming into Scottish qualifications. Watch out for news.

Tuesday, 16 November 2004

E-Qualifications units are now available

The units within the E-Qualifications suite of awards were uploaded to the SQA website this morning. You can find them via the HN search facility. We'll also upload them to the E-Qualifications e-group later this week.

The availability of the unit specifications means that the awards are now fully developed. The group awards have been available to centres for a couple of weeks. The full Arrangements can be downloded here.

We're still working on an approval procedure for these new awards but contact Jim Ballantyne if you're interested in offering these new awards.

This is a big day for the development team! We're delighted to see the awards finally become available to centres. We're particularly excited about the Diploma in E-Assessment which we think is the first national qualification in this area in the world.

Saturday, 13 November 2004

Moderators meeting

The moderators responsible for HN and SVQ qualifications met this morning. Unlike the previous moderators meeting, this one was subject specific. The meeting was led by Hugh McDiamid, the full-time Computing moderator.

The purpose of the meeting was to update moderators on the developments relating to HN and SVQ awards - and there have been lots. We discussed the new HNC Computing award, the current HND Computing revision, links with vendor qualifications, PC Passport, the new SVQs for IT Users, and e-moderation.

You can find out more about becoming a moderator by contacting Marion Weir.

Thursday, 11 November 2004

E-Qualifications Arrangements are now available

The final version of the E-Qualifications Arrangements were uploaded to the E-Qualifications e-group today.

Armenian delegation

Armenian delegation
Originally uploaded by bobbyelliott.

A delegation of from Armenia visited SQA this week to look at the Scottish qualification system.

This morning I gave a presentation on PC Passport. They seemed genuinely interested (the translator asked how she can take PC Passport!) and they are considering offering PC Passport in Armenian schools and colleges.

Monday, 8 November 2004

HN annual update letter

I sent an update letter to centres last week. I send a general letter once every year which covers a wide range of developments and issues relating to Computing and Information Technology

This one contains important information about run-out periods (for the HNC/D Computing), news about the HND Computing review, information about the recently validated HN awards in Networking, Multimedia and IT, and news about proposed Professional Development Awards. The letter also contains details about a forthcoming consultation event for HND Computing which is currently being revised.

The letter was sent to College Principals, SQA Co-ordinators and Heads of Computing Departments so please ask one of them if you haven't yet seen a copy.

Monday, 1 November 2004

Awarding Bodies meeting

A number of UK awarding bodies met on Saturday to agree common evidence requirements for the new S/NVQs for Practitioners. The meeting took place in Birmingham. Participants included OCR, EdExcel and SQA.

Although some work still needs to be done, the outcome will be that most UK awarding bodies will have common requirements with respect to the amount and type of assessment material expected from candidates.

Thursday, 28 October 2004

SVQ launch event

We're planning a launch event for the new SVQs. A small "event committee" met this afternoon to take this forward. Members include people from Marketing, Custom Relations, Qualifications staff and a representative from Scottish Enterprise.

We intend to hold an event in February to launch the new SVQs for both IT User and IT Practitioner. Jack Robertson (who developed the IT User awards) and John Coleman (who developed the IT Practitioner awards) will play a major role on the day in explaining the new awards. We're also hoping to get a major employers along to explain how they plan to use the awards.

More details will follow but in the meantime don't forget to subscribe to the SVQ e-group.

Tuesday, 26 October 2004

Oracle developments

I met with Jane Richardson and Orla Nichorcora of Oracle yesterday afternoon.

We have recently compared SQA and Oracle curricula to try to identify common areas. I commissioned a couple of consultants to map the Oracle Academy programme with Higher Information Systems and HND Computer Networking. We discovered that the Academy programme covers one unit within the Higher course and two units within the HND award. I plan to create a document which will describe the credit transfer arrangements between these qualifications.

We also discussed the next stage in this work. We are going to look into the feasibility of creating a hybrid curriculum that covers both SQA's Higher Information Systems syllabus and Oracle's Database Design & Programming syllabus. If this is possible, this single syllabus would allow schools to deliver Higher Information Systems using the materials supplied through the Oracle Academy programme (supplemented with additional learning material) and gain two awards at the end of the course: the Higher award and Oracle's award.

Watch this blog for more information.

Monday, 25 October 2004

E-Qualifications are now validated

A sub-group of the validation panel met on Friday to check if their conditions and recommendations had been addressed. I got great news this morning - they had! So the qualifications are now validated and the following awards are now approved:
  • Diploma in E-Learning Production
  • Diploma in E-Assessment
  • Advanced Diploma in E-Learning.
It will take a week or two to put the awards (and the units) on our system but you should be able to offer these awards in the near future. Please contact Caroline Douglas if you want a copy of the definitive Arrangements. And don't forget to join the dedicated e-group.

Tuesday, 12 October 2004

LTS support for new HNs

I attended a meeting at Learning & Teaching Scotland this morning to discuss how LTS can support the new HN awards in Computing/IT. Mohammed Asif of LTS is keen to work with SQA to develop training programmes to help Scottish colleges deliver the new (or revised) qualifications.

There has been lots of changes in the last year. There are new awards (such as HNC/D Computer Networking) and updated awards (such as HNC/D Computing). Some of the units within these awards feature new technology or new skills and LTS is hoping to provide training to college lecturers.

This was a preliminary meeting and nothing definite was decided- but we agreed in principle to work together to ease the introduction of these new qualifications. Mohammed will work on a training programme to provide a range of training options to lecturers.

Monday, 11 October 2004

New HNC/D Information Technology planned

HN IT development team
Originally uploaded by bobbyelliott.

Last November, at a conference in Stirling, it was agreed to develop a new Higher National Award in Information Technology. The Qualification Development Team met today to take this forward.

The team are hoping to produce a new HNC/D Information Technology within the next 12-18 months. It's a consortium development, led by George Johnson of Reid Kerr College, supported by Robert Quinn of SQA. The team is planning to create its own blog to keep you up-to-date with developments.

Thursday, 7 October 2004

Meeting with Microsoft

I met with Bob McGonigle of Microsoft this morning to discuss the possibility of creating a range of Professional Development Awards (PDAs) within the HNC/D Computing and HNC/D Computer Networking awards.

These PDAs could be taught and assessed "normally" - or taught and assessed using Microsoft materials and assessments. This would permit centres to deliver Microsoft qualifications while contributing to Higher National qualifications.

I think that these PDAs could be attractive to part-time students who would like the national recognition that SQA awards provide also also status and vocational relevance of the Microsoft certification. They would be designed to fit in with part-time programmes within colleges.

The suite of PDAs would encompass more than Microsoft. We're hoping that they would be compatible with a range of vendor awards - from companies such as Oracle and Cisco - as well as Microsoft.

Ted Hastings is looking at ways of including these PDAs within the HNC/D Computer Networking and Deryck Nutley is looking into HNC/D Computing. You can find out more about SQA's work with Microsoft by contacting Vanessa Ranaldi.

Tuesday, 5 October 2004

IT User SVQ registrations are now OK

Good news for centres offering the new IT User SVQs - from today you can enter trainees for the new awards.

Although the awards were available from 1 August, the SQA system was not able to accept registrations. The problem was caused by the flexibility of the new awards and the difficulty in programming the conditions of award on the SQA system. This problem has now been resolved.

We recently submitted the IT Practitioner awards for accreditation. We're hoping that these are available to centres from 1 January 2005. Please contact Jack Coleman directly if you want to find out more about the Practitioner awards.

You can find out more about the new IT awards at the E-Skills website. Don't forget to subscribe to the SVQ community to keep up-to-date with developments. Contact Shirley Sampson if you require information or assistance on any aspect of the new SVQs.

Monday, 4 October 2004

Moderators update event

Moderators update event
Originally uploaded by bobbyelliott.

An update event was held on Saturday for HN moderators and SVQ verifiers at the Dunblane Hilton Hydro. Most Computing moderators/verifiers managed to attend.

The purpose of these events (which are held once a year) is to bring moderators (for a wide range of subjects) up-to-date with quality assurance issues. The focus of this year's meeting was the new "V" units which replace the "D" units as means of certificating the knowledge and skills of moderators. But the event is also a good opportunity for moderators to discuss general quality issues.

I plan to arrange a meeting of the Computing moderators to discuss recent changes to Computing provision - especially the revised SVQs, the updated HNC Computing and the new awards that have recently been validated (such as Internetworking).

You can find out more about the work of moderators (including how to become one yourself) from Marion Weir.

Wednesday, 29 September 2004

E-Qualifications validation event

E-Qualifications validation
Originally uploaded by bobbyelliott.

The validation event for the E-Qualifications suite of awardstook place today. The awards were validated subject to a couple of conditions (and a number of recommendations). The awards are:

* Diploma in E-Learning Production
* Diploma in E-Assessment
* Advanced Diploma in E-Learning.

The development team are delighted with this outcome. The conditions will improve the awards and are simple to address. We're hoping to have the awards fully validated by mid-October and available to centres later this year.

Many thanks to the validation panel (chaired by Andrew Comrie of Lauder College) for their constructive comments and helpful advice. And my personal thanks to the development team (led by John Gordon).

You can find out more about the awards and keep up-to-date with developments by subscribing to the E-Qualifications online community.

Friday, 24 September 2004

TESS article on SQA and vendors

Today's edition of the Times Education Supplement (Scotland) includes an item on SQA's links with Oracle - specifically the Oracle Academy programme. There's a full page article in the newspaper and a small excerpt here. More details from Jane Richardson of Oracle.

Thursday, 23 September 2004


Many schools and colleges are experimenting with blogs. But some teachers are a little concerned about their students using commercial blog sites (such as Blogger) since they have no control over what they do with their blogs.

A new service can resolve this problem by giving teachers control over blogs. 21Publish allows teachers to become a blog portal. You control who can create a blog, what the blog can do, what's in the blog - even what the blog looks like. It's currently in beta and provides a free service until April 2005. But even then, the paid service will only cost $9 per month (for up to 50 blogs).

It seems a good way to provide a controlled service to students or fellow teachers.

Sunday, 19 September 2004

Home Computer 2004

Originally uploaded by bobbyelliott.

Nothing really to do with this blog but couldn't resist posting this picture.

The caption is classic. Come to think of it, it looks a bit like my old BBC Model A.

Monday, 13 September 2004

Oracle Academy seminar

Originally uploaded by bobbyelliott.

I attended an Oracle seminar this morning at their HQ in Edinburgh. Around 20 people attended including Head Teachers, Local Authority representatives and practicing teachers.

Oracle is presently promoting its Oracle Academy programme in Scotland. There are currently five Scottish teachers involved in the initiative. These teachers have just completed a 10 week training programme (in Oracle technologies) - including a two week, hands-on training programme in UCLA.

I'm working with Oracle to forge links between their programmes and SQA qualifications and I gave a short presentation on credit transfer between Oracle and SQA awards.

Oracle is looking to expand the programme this year to 20 centres and they're actively looking for volunteers. Contact Jane Richardson if you want to find out more. Jane will also provide today's presentation (in PowerPoint format) if you're interested.

There's another event in Glasgow on Wednesday.

Friday, 10 September 2004

HND Computing

Now that the HNC Computing award has been validated, the development team can turn their attention to the HND.

After this morning's launch event, the team met to discuss how to take this forward. Much of the HND development work has already been done but the team have to finalise things during the next few months. The target is to validate the award in December so that it's available to centres from early next year.

In addition to the traditional means of communicating with centres (I'll be writing to centres in the near future to inform you about a forthcoming seminar), there's also an online forum that you can join to keep up-to-date with developments and I also plan to create a dedicated blog for this development that (hopefully) the entire development team will contribute to. Don't worry, it's a short term blog that will be deleted as soon as the award is validated but it seems a good idea to try to use a blog for this purpose. So please visit the blog regularly to find out how the HND is developing.

Internetworking/Multimedia launch event

The launch event for the new Internetworking and Multimedia awards was held today in the Stirling Highland Hotel. Around 60 people attended from various colleges across Scotland as well as representatives of national agencies such as the Scottish Executive and Learning & Teaching Scotland. Representives of Microsoft, Oracle and CompTIA also attended.

The event went well and most people expressed their interest in offering one or other (or both) of these awards.

Several people requested that a new multimedia online group is created to support multimedia teachers and I promised to create one early next week. There's already an Internetworking community that you can join.

Tuesday, 7 September 2004

Meeting with Oracle

I met with Jane Richardson of Oracle this morning to discuss next week's seminars about the Oracle Academy programme. Jane has arranged two events next week - one in Edinburgh (Monday) and one in Glasgow (Wednesday) to update people about the programme.

Six Scottish schools and colleges have signed up and several lucky teachers and lecturers have just finished a 10 week training programme (two weeks of which were spent in UCLA) to help them deliver the course.

I'm speaking at the events about two topics - (1) SQA's general support for curricular links with IT vendors and (2) the specific credit transfer arrangements between the Oracle curriculum and various SQA courses (such as Higher Computing and HNC Computing).

I'll post something on this blog after the events. Contact Jane if you want more information on the Oracle Academy.

Monday, 6 September 2004

300 hits in a week

I set-up a hit-counter last week to monitor traffic on this blog. There has been 300 hits in a week. That's an average of 60 per day. The traffic statistics are interesting.

It takes time to maintain a blog and I wasn't sure if it was worthwhile but it looks like it is.

Wednesday, 1 September 2004

E-Qualifications validation date

A suite of qualifications relating to e-learning and e-assessment has been under development for the last year and a date has now been agreed for their validation. The validation event will take place on 29 September and will be held in the SQA offices in Glasgow. The Panel will be chaired by Andew Comrie of Lauder College.

We're excited about this development since it includes (what we think) is the world's first national qualification in online assessment (the Diploma in E-Assessment).

There's an online community and you can download a FAQ here.

Tuesday, 31 August 2004

Internetworking/Multimedia event

Today is the latest date when you can register for the above event online. Places will be organised on a first-come basis so please register ASAP if you're interested in attending. More information on the Internetworking e-group.

Saturday, 21 August 2004

E-mail reminders

It can be a pain to continually check this blog for new posts. If you don't want to add this site to your RSS feeds then you can arrange to have an e-mail sent to you whenever a new message is posted. The e-mail will contain a link to the post and a 100 word excerpt. The service is spam-free.
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Thursday, 19 August 2004

Awarding Body Forum

The E-Skills Awarding Body Forum met today. The Forum consists of representatives of various awarding bodies (such as City & Guilds and EdExcel but including SQA) who meet to discuss areas of common interest relating to S/NVQs.

Today's meeting focussed on the new IT User awards and the IT Professional awards which are currently under development. The main news relating to IT User is that E-Skills is about to finalise a credit transfer system to allow candidates to transfer "old" units to the "new" units. The system isn't quite finalised but when it is SQA will produce its own credit transfer system (based on E-Skills framework).

The awarding bodies agreed to jointly develop evidence requirements for the new IT Professional Standards. This means that the same standards will be applied to anyone across the UK who undertakes these new qualifications. More information will follow. The IT Professional SVQs will be available from 1 January 2005.

Please subscribe to the SVQ online community to keep up-to-date with developments. Contact Jack Robertson if you have specific queries relating to IT User or John Coleman if you have specific queries relating to IT Professional.

Wednesday, 18 August 2004

HNC Computing Arrangements are available

We've been busy finalising the paperwork since the HNC Computing award was validated a couple of weeks ago. The final version of the revised HNC Computing Arrangements is available for download here (1.5Mb download). It was also uploaded to the HN Computing e-group today. The group award is available to centres now and the units are presently being uploaded to the SQA website. Contact Shirley Sampson for more information about the availability of this award.

Tuesday, 17 August 2004

Online registration for Internetworking/Multimedia event

The HN Internetworking and Multimedia launch event will take place on Friday, 10 September at the Stirling Highland Hotel. You can register for this event by selecting the button below:

Register Online at

The event will introduce the new suites of Internetworking and Multimedia awards. Qualification developers and vendor representatives will be present.

Friday, 13 August 2004

E-enabling HNs

Money has been made available to "e-enable" Higher National qualifications - including Computing/IT awards. It's early days so I'm not sure about the precise details but some of these awards will have e-learning and e-assessment material to support them. I'll post more news when I have it.

Speaking of e-assessment, there's a new e-assessment blog and an old e-assessment community that might be of interest to you.

Thursday, 5 August 2004

Launch events

A letter has been sent to centres today to inform people about a forthcoming launch event for a range of new awards relating to Computer Networking and Multimedia. The event will take place on 10 September. More information here where you can also register.

If you're interesting in Networking qualifications, please subscribe to the Internetworking online community.

Wednesday, 4 August 2004

HNC Computing is now validated!

The Convenor of the Validation Panel for HNC Computing has today agreed that the Panel's conditions have now been met. So the award is now validated! More information on the HN Computing forum.

Monday, 26 July 2004

SVQs accredited

The Accreditation Unit formally approved the new SVQs in Using Information Technology today. These new awards will be available to centres from 1 August.

They're based on the new National Occupational Standards, defined by the E-Skills Sector Skills Council, which are more flexible than the previous Standards.

We're also working on revising the Practitioner Standards and these will be available to centres from 1 January 2005.

You can keep up-to-date with developments by subscribing to the SVQ online community. We're working on a dedicated website within the SQA website to support these new awards. Watch this space.

Monday, 19 July 2004

Blogs in education

Web logs ("blogs") are really taking off. They've been popular among Net-heads for some time but they're now going mainstream. They were originally used as online diaries (and they still are) but they're now finding all sorts of alternative uses. Blogs are becoming particularly popular as a sort of alternative news medium - and some stories are breaking on the blogosphere before they appear on TV or in print. Lots of famous people have a blog. There's a blog search engine. Even business is trying to get in on the act. 
Education is also finding uses for them. Blogs are appearing on all sorts of educational topics - such as plagiarism and e-learning. Teachers are using them for project work. Students are using them as online log-books. They're particularly good for online collaboration between students. 
Once you've found a few interesting blogs, it can be a pain to check them one at a time. However there are online services that will do this for you. These "aggregators" allow you to watch various blogs and tell you when there are new posts. Bloglines is one of them. You simply tell Bloglines which "feeds" you want to "watch" and you'll be told whenever there are new messages. Newsgator provides a plug-in for Outlook which allows you to read blogs within that program. You can even use Bloglines and Newsgator for your e-group subscriptions. 
More information here.

Wednesday, 14 July 2004


The validation of the new suite of awards relating to e-learning and e-assessment was delayed to give the development team more time to finalise the new awards. The validation was scheduled to take place in June but will now take place in September.

The suite of awards is called E-Qualifications and includes specialist qualifications in e-learning (such as the Advanced Certificate in E-Learning: Production) and e-assessment (such as the Advanced Certificate in E-Assessment).

You can find out more by subscribing to the E-Qualifications online community or contact Caroline Douglas.

Friday, 9 July 2004

Online resources to support IT core skills

Learning & Teaching Scotland has recently launched a suite of resources to support core skills. The resources to support IT look very good and are available in PC and Mac formats. You can use them interactively (online) or download them.

Wednesday, 7 July 2004

8th International CAA Conference

I attended the 8th International CAA Conference this week which was held at Loughborough University. Almost 200 people from all over the world attended and the event covered a wide range of issues relating to e-assessment.

This is my second visit to the Conference and the standard was as high as last year. There was an excellent keynote lecture from Randy Bennett of ETS which is responsible for the SAT tests in the States. His talk focussed on the operational issues involved in introducing online assessment into American schools. There were also lots of interesting workshops on various issues such as technical standards, CAA in Mathematics and student perceptions of CAA. I would highly recommend this two event to anyone with an interest in online assessment. I plan to update my FAQ with the new information I gained through attending this event.

Wednesday, 30 June 2004

Plagiarism Conference

JISC organised the first international conference on plagiarism which was held at St James Park (the home of Newcastle United). Over 100 people attended. Most attendees were from Higher Education but there were representatives from a couple of English FE colleges.

It was a fascinating event which covered every conceivable aspect of plagiarism. The event attracted considerable media attention .

I learnt a great deal from the conference and plan to update my FAQ once I have time.

Tuesday, 1 June 2004

PC Passport in Aberdeenshire

I visited Aberdeen today to discuss PC Passport with a number of Head Teachers, Local Education Authority staff and SQA Co-ordinators. PC Passport is very popular in Aberdeenshire (it must be the low cost ;-) and the meeting was to discuss support materials and using PC Passport for teacher training. It sounds like most Aberdeenshire schools will be offering Passport next year. More information on the PC Passport online forum.

Friday, 28 May 2004

HNC Computing validation

The HNC Computing validation was held today. The outcome was that the award was "not validated until conditions are met". But the Design Team were happy at the outcome. The conditions related to the qualification structure, core skills and the Graded Unit. So Mike and his team will be busy over the next few weeks adjusting the award to satisfy these conditions. We're confident that the required changes can be done quickly and that the new award will be available to centres from August.

Don't forget to join the HN Computing online community to keep up-to-date with developments.

Thursday, 27 May 2004

SVQ Quality Network

The annual SVQ Quality Network meeting was held today in Jury's Inn (Glasgow). Twenty two training providers attended. The purpose of QN meetings is to share good practice (between verifiers and centres) but today's meeting was dominated by the changes to the IT User SVQs.

Chris Morrow of E-Skills attended and provided an overview of the main changes to the National Occupational Standards. Jack Robertson (SQA) showed how the new Standards have been translated into qualifications. I explained the timeline for the introduction of the new awards and encouraged everyone to join the SVQ forum.

The new Standards/qualifications were well received. People liked their flexibility. It was a good meeting.

Wednesday, 26 May 2004

HN moderation

The moderation of the HNC examination is taking place today, tomorrow and Friday. Around 10 moderators are presently in residence in the Hilton Hotel in Glasgow to look through candidate scripts from 25 centres. Once complete, each centre will receive feedback on the quality of their marking. For the first time, every centre submitted a prior-approved question paper - which makes moderation much easier.

Either myself or Hugh McDiarmid (full-time moderator) will post a summary of the moderation event on the HN Computing forum.

We're always looking for moderators so please contact Marion Weir if you want to find out more about becoming a Computing moderator. It's an interesting job which provides a great insight into the standards within colleges and training centres.

Friday, 21 May 2004

Awarding Body Forum

The E-Skills Sector Skills Council arranges regular meetings of the Awarding Bodies which offers S/NVQs in Information Technology. There was an Awarding Body Forum yesterday in London.

The main item was the new Occupational Standards. All of the Awarding Bodies plan to launch new qualifications based on the new Standards. SQA will introduce new awards in August 2004. There a Quality Network meeting on 27 May where these developments will be discussed.

Chris Morrow of E-Skills also talked about their E-Skills Passport and informed members that he plans to make it available in early June.

Monday, 17 May 2004

PC Passport launch events

We've just completed a series of launch events for PC Passport. The events were held in locations across Scotland including Glasgow, Edinburgh and Inverness.

They went very well. Over 800 people attended the events. Most of the people who came along were employers or training providers. We've also received hundreds of enquiries by phone and e-mail.

You can find out more about PC Passport by contacting Joan Morris.

Thursday, 13 May 2004


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Please note that this blog is not hosted by SQA and that this blog is maintained on a voluntary basis by SQA staff.

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